Reynolds Creek or Triple Falls

If you ask a park ranger in Glacier National Park about Triple Falls they will most likely return a blank stare and perhaps a response like, “Triple Falls – never heard of them”. Yet, a search on Google will turn up plenty of pictures and stories galore of attempts to find this elusive, mysterious place.

I love a challenge. So, when our hometown friends Louis and Candy arrived in Glacier and invited me to join them in a search for the “non-existent” falls, I was in.

After doing lots of research we had a pretty good idea of the general area to search. We also had a couple of GPS coordinates – yet, we were not 100% confident in their accuracy. Non-the-less, we decided to take a handheld GPS along figuring we could use all the help we could get. Louis had also printed out lots of the pictures he found on the web.

I headed out early to meet Louis and Candy at the top of Logan Pass. The drive up Going-To-The-Sun road was particularly pretty – the valleys were covered in thick fog. We decided to hike to the Hidden Lake Overlook prior to starting our search for the falls. As you can see from the photos the view from the overlook is stunning.

Candy at the Overlook

Hidden Lake Overlook

Candy and Louis

OK, it is true there is not a trail that leads to the falls. Our hike took us on a long circuitous route, which started far west and took us south of our destination. Most of the hike ended up being a bushwhack. But we persevered and after traipsing around for about 3 hours across ridges and open fields. Circling from the south, over a ridge and back toward the river – High Five! We found the falls.

Pretty but not the falls we were looking for.

Top of Triple Falls

Triple Falls

Triple Falls
I get why the park does wants to protect this destination. The falls are within a mile of a major visitor center. Know knowing where they are the whole hike would have taken less then 1 hour.

Even this late in the year, the falls and surrounding area is pristine and beautiful – one of the prettiest in the park. I can’t imagine how spectacular they would be in the spring. I can imagine how having thousands of tourists trampling the area around the fall would completely destroy them.

No, I am not going to tell you how to get to the falls… I will tell you that the GPS coordinates we had were not accurate but they did get us in the general vicinity of the falls – close enough that we were able to figure out exactly where they were.

Time to head home – just another day in paradise.

What an adventure and what fun! Thanks to Louis and Candy for inviting me to tag along.