Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

Batteries are the essential components of any automobile. In the case of heavy automobiles, you need help from deep cycle battery chargers, especially for RVs, boats, or camper vehicles. Deep cycle batteries offer controlled power to stay in working condition for a longer duration. To keep your batteries in a working state, you need deep … Read more

How Much Does an RV Cost?

RV and motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes to cater different requirements of different people. For example, some people love the experience that motorhomes can provide, while others prefer to use a fifth-wheel or a hitch trailer for towing it behind their truck or SUV. Regardless of your preferences, the most important factor you … Read more

Recharging RV Air Conditioner

When going for a trip in your RV, it is better to prepare for everything before leaving to save yourself from any problems. If you don’t check, your trip can go downhill even before it starts. One of the most essential accessories to check is the RV AC unit. These units ensure you don’t have … Read more

You’re selling a camper van ?

Using a high-roof, 136-inch wheelbase Ram Promaster (the mid-size model in the Ram lineup), the Glampervan maximizes space with a two-person custom build. However, if camper vans have any drawbacks compared to teardrop trailers, vintage RVs, or run-of-the-mill travel trailers, it’s the fact that they can be expensive. Fortunately, there is a new breed of … Read more

Is a caravan the same as a motorhome?

An RV or a camper are generic terms. When people refer to recreational vehicles, they usually mean a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with some of the comforts of home. The term “camper” usually refers to trailers that are pulled by, or ride on the back of, trucks. According to Camper Report, there are many … Read more

Is it expensive to live in a caravan?

When Heath and I moved into our RV, we had no idea how much camping would cost, how high our Verizon bill would be (aka what we use for internet), or how many thousands of dollars in gas we’d pay to visit all 50 states in a year (learn our exact finances from visiting all … Read more

How much does a caravan cost?

This price can change depending on several factors such as the type of RV, the features included and other costs. With a profile much more similar to that of a large van, these motorhomes are the ones with less space and fewer features, which means a lower cost. Thanks to Outdoorsy, you can search for … Read more

Camping Tips by RJRVTravels

Camping is one of the most excellent means to entertain yourself. You have worked pretty hard throughout the week and need some relief. If you want some relief, then the best way to get that is by camping. Generally, most people think that camping means taking an RV or a camper and park it in … Read more

Death Valley National Park….a refresher!

After leaving Tinnemaha County park outside of Big Pine we headed south to Lone Pine and the Alabama hills area. (More on that in a future post). Lone Pine is about 50 miles from the the East entrance into Death Valley. So, we decided to make another visit to this land of great extremes, more … Read more