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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our Summer Plans


OK.... Grounded might be a little extreme. But our RV Adventures will be on somewhat of a sabbatical for most of the summer and fall.

Starting May 23rd our Broomfield bricks and sticks home will be undergoing a major foundation repair. It is a long story (3 years) but basically our home has been shifting causing some cracks in the walls, ceiling and foundation. After ongoing measurements and core sample evaluation our builder has determined that new micropiles and/or helical piers will be drilled and the entire foundation will be re-stabilized. At best, it will be a 4 month process plus a week toward the end of the year for interior repair.

As you can imagine there will be lots of jackhammering, drilling and pounding. In order to escape that craziness we will be parking our RV at the KOA in Walsenburg, CO about an hour away from our home. Our plan stay in the RV during  the disruptive and noisy periods.

During the construction it will be necessary for us to be available. So, we will not be taking off in July for 4-5 months as we have done in the past several years. We will however, still take our annual RV trip with two of our grandchildren.  This year we are heading to Abiquiu and Santa Fe in mid June.

Depending on how the construction goes, we may also try to get up into the mountains in August or September.

I know what many of you are thinking...Why do you even have a permanent home? Good question and there are lots of answers. The most important ones are family and friends.

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