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Friday, May 29, 2015

How Did We Get From Cibola to Santa Fe Part III


This is a continuation of our journey and some of our adventures for March and April as we traveled from Cibola to Santa Fe. Part I is here. Part II is here.

On to Albuquerque but first...

Last night we had a great meet-up with 8 other RVing and blogging friends - Pam and John of Oh, the Places They Go!, Lisa and Hans of Metamorphosis Road, Susan and Dave of Beluga's excellent adventure, and Mona Liza and Steve of The Lowe's RV adventures. I mention this for several reasons.

First, we got to meet Mona Liza and Steve. While we have followed each other through our blogs and on Facebook we had never met in person. We had just missed each other several times as we traveled through the southwest the past couple of years. So, finally we got to meet them in the flesh.

Secondly, I was reminded of the power of our digital lives. We may only see each other when and if your RVing paths cross. Yet, we have become friends through our online relationships. When we do meet in person it is like meeting an old friend that we have not seen for years but the conversation picks up as though we saw each other every day - and in a sense we do.

Finally, several of the participants in this meet-up chastised us for not keeping our blog current. So, yes I have been guilted into doing a better job of blogging on a regular basis.

OK, back to our journey from Cibola NWR to Santa Fe - Part III.

Stop 7 - Albuquerque

It was an easy drive from Valley of Fires to Kirtland AFB Famcamp. We have visited Albuquerque several times but decided to stop here to revisit some of our favorite sites including the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Old Town.

This was also where we would say good-bye to Hal and Lois. They were heading back to Broomfield while we were going to take a couple of more weeks and explore Santa Fe and Abiquiu area.

Hal and I took time to play a round of golf on the base golf course and we also drove the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway.

This is a must drive if you are in the area. Being lazy and since we all did this drive within a couple of weeks of each other... here is a good write-up by Hans and Lisa and another by Mona Liza and Steve. I think we all agree that Sandia Crest, Madrid and the Hollar for lunch were the highlights of this drive.

Next up - Santa Fe

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