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Friday, August 15, 2014

Some New Stuff for The RV


Over the past few months (before we headed to Glacier) we upgraded our home on wheels with a few new items.

Our first new purchase was a TST tire monitoring system. There are all kinds of reviews online. So, I am not going to write another one.

We had been talking about getting a monitoring system for a couple of years. I am not sure why we waited so long. This has turned out to be a really good “peace-of-mind” addition. No longer do I worry about checking tire pressure – especially the rear inside tires. Cleary, one of the biggest benefits of a monitoring system is safety. While a blowout would be obvious it is being alerted to a slow leak that makes this system worth the money.

Our next “big” addition was installing, with the help of Mike Farmer, Carefree of Colorado awnings over our coach windows. Again, we had wanted to do this for a couple of years. And again, I am not sure why we waited. Not only to the awnings shade the inside of the coach on sunny days they also allow us to keep the windows open on rainy days. Another added benefit is the added privacy they provide. We do have day/night shades inside the coach but are finding it nice to be able to keep the shades up and the windows open. This is JoAnne’s favorite addition.

I finally got around to doing some watercolors to help decorate the RV. JoAnne had asked me to do some paintings that would be representative of places we have visited. I did one from McDowell Mountain Park in AZ, one of Mesa Verde in CO, and one of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

We also added two new “gadgets”. First, we added an Induction Cook Top, which we love. Of course that also meant we needed all new Induction capable cookware.

A Soda Stream was gadget #2, which we also love. We now mix up a variety of sugar free bubbly drinks and no longer buy canned soda.

Hey, just because this is an RV doesn’t mean we can’t make it safe, comply and convenient.

What have you done to spruce up your home? What is your favorite gadget and or addition?

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