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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Detour On The Road to Glacier National Park


Yep…as you know, all detours are not good ones but this was a good and very special detour to see our grandkids Addison and David from St. Louis. Thanks to their mom and dad, we arranged for us all to meet at Lake of the Ozarks.

David, Addison, Jeff and JoAnne
We were so excited to see them, however weren’t sure if they were ready to spend an overnight in “the trailer” (the “trailer” is what they affectionately call our motor home) with us.  If you recall it was the very same St. Louis kids who witnessed, and went through the loss of their home to a devastating fire. Understandably that created a lot of anxiety for them.

But guess what? They did do a sleepover, and not just for one night but two!

It was such enormous fun... swimming, playing, talking, laughing, and sharing and of course the ever popular crafting.  To top it off, Addison made a delicious dinner for us one night. They were wonderful helpers, doing dishes and cleaning up after themselves!!!

Since we don’t see them as frequently as we do our Colorado grandchildren, it’s always an extra special treat!

You will be able to see from the pictures what the bulk of our time was spent doing! LOL

We truly enjoyed the visit with them, (and their mom and dad) and are already looking forward to seeing them again - hopefully soon!!! - JoAnne

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