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Monday, July 28, 2014

Grandkids Yellowstone Adventure


Caleb and Ella wrote the two previous posts. They gave their perspective of our trip to Yellowstone. It really was a wonderful trip. Here is more... told mostly through pictures.

Boondocking on our way to Yellowstone
outside of Lander, WY
First view of the Tetons

Jenny Lake
Getting ready for Smor's 

Skipping stones
Ok this was pretty cool...
Stumpy was the resident bison in the Madison Campground

Getting ready for Old Faithful
 (which was almost 30 minutes late)

Hang'n in the Campground.


Ella's parents Chad and Nea joined us for a day.
Making Bug night lights
Making Dinner
Down by the River

Thermal Features

So many wonderful memories.

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