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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Grandson's View of Yellowstone


Editors note: JoAnne and I took two of our grandkids to Yellowstone. We left on July 21 and returned on July 27. Our Grandson thought it would be fun to do a blog post. The photos were also taken by him.

My name is Caleb and I am an eleven year old traveling in an RV with my grandparents on a trip to Yellowstone. The first nights rest stop (on our way to Yellowstone) was in a little backcountry campsite. We parked on a little dirt road and we stayed for one night. We had no hookups and there was nobody else around. This type of camping is known as boondocking. Boondocking means that there are no hookups and we are camping on a public land not in an actual campground. 

The next night we stayed in Grand Teton National Park. This time we were fully hooked up which means we had water, sewer, and electric. Seeing the Teton Mountain Range makes you feel very small. A side note I might add is to bring bug spray (there are lots of mosquitos). 

The next day we drove to Yellowstone. Everything is so beautiful and amazing you can’t take it in all at once. Over the course of the trip we saw lots of things.

 If you are at Yellowstone for only a few days some of the things I recommend you seeing before you leave is Old Faithful, any type of sulfur pool, and Mammoth Hot Springs. Old Faithful is a world famous geyser that erupts every 90 minutes. Sulfur pools are pools of water heated by rocks that are heated by magma beneath the earth’s surface. They smell, but are very cool!! Mammoth hot springs is a dormant hot spring cone and a really cool waterfall. 

Enjoy your trip to Yellowstone; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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