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Friday, March 7, 2014

Romero Pools and Hiking in the Green Desert


There are several wonderful hikes in Catalina State Park (see our blog post from last year) ranging from short easy walks to challenging long hikes. JoAnne and I had done several of the easier hikes last year. So, this year I decided to hike to Romero PooIs, one of the more challenging hikes. At about 5.5 miles round trip from the trail head its not the length but the sometimes rugged trail and elevation climb of about 1000 feet that make it a good workout.

But for me, what made the hike special was hiking in and being surrounded by the beauty of the Catalina Mountains of the green Sonoran Desert. Also, it is special any time you can find water in the desert.

I loved this hike and I will let the pictures (I am always amazed at the quality you get from an iPhone) tell the story of the gorgeous mountain views and desert landscapes.

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