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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Color, Tufa’s and a Special Guest


Traveling Hwy 395 is a new experience for us. It has been on our bucket list for a couple of years and we are excited to be finally here. We joined up with 395 at Mono Lake, CA and from here will travel south to Hwy 10 on our way to Sam’s.

On Tuesday we arrived at Mono Lake and the Government Shutdown was still in effect (no open BLM or Forest Service Campgrounds). It was also predicted to be very cold (14 degrees) that night so we elected to stay at the Mono Vista RV Park. As soon as we got parked, we headed out for a trip around the June Lake Loop. Timing is everything and we arrived at the very peak of a dazzling display of fall color. There is no sense in my trying to describe the beauty. Even the pictures don’t do justice to what we saw…but here they are.

On the way back to the RV park we headed east on Hwy 120 to see the Mono Lake South Shore Tufa’s. Weird and bizarre are words that come to mind. These strange limestone formations are a result of calcium and carbonate chemical reaction. Originally, these formations were under water but the water level has dropped dramatically in the last 50 -60 years leaving them exposed. Again, I will let the pictures tell the story

On Wednesday (after we warmed up) we headed to a lower elevation and the Tinnemaha County Campground south of Big Pine. 

We had learned of this spot from a blog post by RV Sue. She was camping there and we hoped we might have a chance to meet. For followers of RV Blogs RV Sue is somewhat of a “rock star”. So, what a treat it was when Bridget and Sue showed up with Spike bringing up the rear. We have been following Sue’s blog for a years and it was really great to get a chance to meet her and the canine crew. 

To be continued…

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