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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Idaho Scenic Byways and Ponderosa State Park


JoAnne mentioned to me this morning that it had been 10 days since we left home. “Doesn’t it seem like longer?” she asked. Indeed it does. Perhaps since we were not home very long this feels more like a continuation of our trip this spring. Whatever the reason we are settled in now to our “on the road routine” which is to say…no real routine at all. I think that not having a set routine is one of the things we like best about RV travel. JoAnne likes to say we are “fluid”.

After leaving City of Rocks National Reserve we headed north for a one-night stop on Forrest Service land just outside of Ketchum and Sun Valley. The next morning we took the Sawtooth Scenic Byway to Stanley where we picked up the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway to Lowman where we picked up the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway to Banks where we took the Payette River Scenic Byway to McCall and Ponderosa State Park. To say we traveled two days through some of the most beautiful county in the U.S. is an understatement. Yes, we had been to Ketchum and Stanley last October and McCall a couple of years ago. Yet, we never grow tired of this amazing area. The Sawtooth Mountains are spectacular; the Salmon River is one of the prettiest anywhere - add the expansive valleys, mountain streams and funky towns and it doesn’t get any better.

The past three days we have been hanging out at Ponderosa State Park. It is on the shore of Payette Lake and about a mile outside of McCall. This is a “big deal” resort destination in Idaho. There is no end to the lake sports you can take part in – swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, wake-boarding, skiing, wave running, and sailing. There is also great hiking, biking and scenic drives. In McCall there are plenty of good restaurants and some fun shopping – we managed to do some damage at the Bella Kitchen store.

What have we been doing? Relaxing of course! I have caught up on some work and JoAnne has been working on a project to organize into a book all the patches we collect from each place we visit. We are also trying out some new recipes. OK we did get in a nice hike but mostly we have just been enjoying the beautiful weather and spectacular scenery. Now if only the crows would stop cawing… Oh, and speaking of noise, what are those little blue things? According to JoAnne the best $90 investment ever - ear plugs. 

Tomorrow we head up the road only about 130 miles to Winchester Lake State Park for a couple of days and then on the Farragut State Park for a visit with some friends we met while both couples were camp hosting at Ridgway State Park. We need to be in Glacier by July 25.

More Pictures Here.

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