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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Roy’s Gift Gallery and Ice Cream Parlor

Rick Morgan

A quick update… this afternoon we finely made it to Roy’s - “famous (State and National Historic Landmark) for its old fashioned soda fountain. What fun. Yes, there is 1930’s ice cream parlor which is pretty cool and the Malts are well…really good.

But the best part of our visit was meeting Roy himself. Roy is a native of Carrizozo. In fact, grandfather became sheriff of Lincoln, NM during the “Lincoln Wars” after Billy the Kid and one faction of the warring groups shot the previous sheriff. This is clearly the real “outlaw” west.

We mentioned to Roy that we had extended our stay in the area to visit the Trinity Site (site where the first Atomic bomb was detonated) this coming Saturday. The site is open to the public two days of the year – the first Saturday in April and October. Roy was 13 and living here in Carrizozo on July 16, 1945  - 35 miles from Trinity. Here is the story of his recollection of “The Day the Bomb Exploded”. Wow!

What fun it was to sit in this tiny time machine and eat ice cream, drink a malt and hang out with the locals.