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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Time of Joy - Congratulations David!


We left Albuquerque on a flight to St. Louis so we could share in the joy of our grandson David’s First Communion. What a pleasure to see everyone and celebrate the happiness of this very special day.
In May of 2011 we had done the very same trip, except that time we traveled to St. Louis in our RV to share in the celebration of our granddaughter Addison’s First Communion. We were elated we didn’t take the RV this time and drive from New Mexico to Missouri, as that was the time of great storms in the southwest and Midwest.

Our oldest son Jeff, daughter-in-law Maggie and kids are members of St. Justin Martyr Church. Many of you will remember how supportive and kind the parishioners and friends of that church were when Jeff and Maggie’s home burned a little over a year ago. As a note, the home is now all new, and just beautiful!!!!

The event itself was wonderful! What an honor to participate! We are so proud of David as well as his sister Addison. They learned, memorized, and practiced so when the actual service began they all did amazingly well.

I’m not sure what it is about these events that make me cry. As Rick and I were sitting in the pew waiting for the Communioncants to arrive, I could feel my bottom jaw starting to quiver. When I finally caught the eye of our grandson entering the church, I had all I could do not to start a full blown tear fest. Was it pride in what a fine young man David is developing in to? Was it a feeling of sadness that he has grown so quickly and now here he was with his suit and tie on? Or…just plain happiness for him! I’m thinking they were tears of joy in being so proud of him and being able to share in a life accomplishment of his. This happens to me a lot, especially when there is a joyous event with our grown children and now our grandchildren.

As a side benefit to being with our St. Louis family, we were able to go out to dinner, participate in baseball practices, watch great soccer games, and be treated to a karaoke concert by Addie and David.

What a great, great time! I’m hopeful the photos will convey the fun events and pride!

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