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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tubac and Fruit Burritos


Just because we have not posted in a week doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy having fun - just the opposite.

After a short stop at LazyDays in Tucson to get our TV antenna replaced (that is a topic for another blog post) we drove a few miles up the road to Catalina State Park. This is a wonderful park and we have been hiking, birding, exploring and just relaxing. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The day before we left Lazydays, our Tucson resident friends Brian and Judy picked us up for a trip to Tubac. Established in 1752 as a Spanish Presido (fort) it is now home to a growing community of artists and artisans. We had a great time wondering through many of the galleries and specialty shops. One “good thing” about calling an RV home is that you don’t have a lot of room to hang paintings or display sculpture – good thing! Our two purchases for the day were some olive oil and balsamic vinegar from The Tubac Olive Oil Company and “must have” garlic and onion savers from a very cool kitchen store.

One advantage of having locals as guides is that they know the best places to eat. Instead of lunch at one of the many Tubac restaurants we drove a couple of miles south to Wisdom’s Café. This is a 69 year old 4th generation family owned establishment with lots of very interesting history. The food was great but the best part by far was their famous fruit burrito.

After our late lunch we made a short stop to the Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Company. We left with some of their Hot Picante Sauce. It was then back to Tiger III. Thanks Brian and Judy for a fun day.

A few more pictures here.


  1. Sounds like another place to go.....between you and the Wrights I might not ever have to research sites to see. I loved the Native American Dolls in your album.

    A fruit burrito...interesting!

  2. We're heading to Patagonia State Park on Sunday and are looking forward to a little trip to Tubac...tell us about those fruit burritos!

  3. Suzi - The food a Wisdom's is very good. Their fruit burritos make a great desert. We had the apple. Wisdom's is just a couple of miles south of Tubac on the I-19 frontage road.

  4. Gay and Joe - Tubac is full of very good (high end) galleries. Yes, the fruit burritos make a great desert.

  5. Tubac, well another stop for us on our next round in AZ. Did you get a lot of wisdom at the cafe ?

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