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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Patagonia Lake State Park


Sunday: It was time to break camp at Catalina State Park and head down the road to Patagonia Lake State Park. Traveling to this Arizona State Park was beautiful! Winding, hilly roads, with a framework of glorious mountains! After locating our site, we took a quick tour of our surroundings, and a short trip to the town of Nogales…not too exciting for us and even a bit creepy, so we promptly headed back to the park.

Great surprise! Lisa and Hans of Metamorphosis Road stopped by.  It was so nice to just sit for a while and enjoy some laughs and adult beverages with the real life Lisa and Hans. You get to know people when you follow their blogs and read about the trials and adventures, so when you get to meet them in person – it’s like you’ve known them for so long!

Monday: After putting our new tiny Hummingbird feeder out, victory! We had a little Broad-Billed Hummingbird (a new bird for our life list) stop by for a visit and enjoy a taste of good old sugar water.
Deciding to get our travel legs moving again, we took a long walk through the beautiful Sonoita Creek birding trail in search of the elusive Elegant Trogon (elusive to us as other people see it frequently); however not spotting the Trogon, we finally came upon some wildlife…cows! Ha!

On our way back to our campsite, we rounded a corner and who was there but Larry, who was dressed in full camouflage so to blend in to the woodsy areas of the bird walk…and he really did. Larry told us the number of times he has seen the elusive bird, and gave us some tips…we can only hope we will be as fortunate! Thanks Larry!

Not only did we meet up with Lisa and Hans last night, but Suzi and Dave from Beluga’s Excellent Adventure stopped by. It’s always such fun to sit around enjoying a great time exchanging stories from the road, and sharing information about ourselves and our adventures.

This Rving lifestyle is so interesting – in addition to seeing some great places and learning about fascinating  sites you might never have known about, you get to meet some truly fabulous people who you never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise!

More Pictures here.


  1. We saw Larry on the trail this we tried one more time to see the Trogon - without any luck! Perhaps next time!

    I hope we see you two again some time on the road!


  2. Amen tom that! This is a great life...

  3. So glad you all met up. Sue, Dave, Hans, and Lisa are so nice and fun to be around.

    Good luck with your bird hunt. Hope you have success...I'll be watching.

  4. Wow, I also think that AZ is the most likely place to meet fellow bloggers. We met Hans and Lisa too at Case Grande. Too bad you missed the Elegant Trogoon :( but you met lots of friends which is more important.