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Monday, March 11, 2013

Catalina State Park - Ruins, Missing Hikers and Birds

Rick Morgan

Who knew? Well many others sure did as we had read other blogs and talked to friends, who had been here, and oh my…they were so right – we too really appreciated and loved this state park. In fact, those of us who blog seem to have a little community going – we were visited by some folks we follow Dave and Suzi of Beluga’s excellent adventure! In fact, we will be seeing them again at our next stop - Patagonia Lake State Park along with Metamorphosis Road bloggers Hans and Lisa and cat Rosie.

The staff and volunteers are friendly and most helpful, the space between sites was extensive, the bathrooms and facilities are spotless, the two dump stations (only important to us with an RV) were readily accessible, with amazing hikes and sites, and oh my goodness…the birds…this is for sure a place to revisit!

One day we headed out for a hike, drove to the main parking area and we came upon all of these TV trucks, Border Patrol cars, Police, cameras, and people. We asked what was going on and apparently a hiker went missing. Luckily he appeared a day later and was safe.

We hiked to Romero Ruins , one of the largest and most significant archeological sites within the northern Tucson Basin. From here you get beautiful panoramas as well as an insight into the prehistoric times of the Hohokam Indians.

 Another great hike we took was one of the eight trails here, the Birding Trail hike – we did see and hear many birds, however even with our binoculars they were way too busy to stop for us so we could identify them. OK, we were able to identify the Road Runner and Vermillion Flycatcher. It was a great day, we got some great photos, and were able to enjoy beautiful scenery including the Sutherland Wash. Reaching the highest point of this trail at 2, 780’ was fun!  Not too high for us Colorado folks! LOL

I have to back up here; you may remember us writing about the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. One thing we did not mention was our purchase of a tiny Hummingbird feeder. And believe me…it has been well worth the money spent! It brought us beautiful Hummingbirds. What a joy to sit out on a warm day in this beautiful park and watch the wee ones come for a drink and visit awhile. Rick was able to get some great photos!

Another helpful point I want to make about this park is its proximity to the “real world” of shopping. Take a short drive, about a mile, and you will find yourself across from any store you may want or need to visit. It’s just amazing to me, you fell so isolated in this remote area, yet on the other side of the park are all of the conveniences we RVers need every so often.

Yep, we will return to this place! More Pictures here.