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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Grand Kids


As many of you know, recently I was in St. Louis while babysitting (not really babysitting as the grand-kids are growing so fast and are so self-sufficient) Addison and David. I was able to see, experience and interact with them “in their routine action!” What a pleasure!!!

What does “routine action” mean? Well things such as…getting ready for school, doing homework, having conversations with me, showing me their stuff, creating and crafting projects, playing with friends, entertaining me with “casual concerts”, playing games, shopping sprees, in addition to getting ready and attending soccer and baseball practices, and playing basketball. I am happy to report they both had winning basketball games! Wahoo!! 

Yes, there were surprises too! Rick and I celebrated our anniversary long distance! We actually enjoyed a wonderful dinner together when I returned back to Arizona, but being the thoughtful, loving husband he is…I received a gorgeous bouquet of red roses while in Missouri. 

And what a total surprise when David came to me and said “Granny, I lost a tooth!” Oh my! I had to make several inquiries as to what the tooth fairy pays these days! Yep, the tooth fairy did arrive sometime that night and we had a happy boy in the morning!

Living in Colorado, and having the blessings of our grandchildren there, and with traveling as we do, we do not always have the opportunity to be “in person” with the St. Louis kids. Although we all talk, text, email, Facebook, and Face Time, with all of the grandchildren…there’s that very special blessing of being with, and interacting with them! Real hugs and kisses…not just the “cyber kind!” 

Many of you remember that it was just about a year ago when our son Jeff, his wife Maggie, and kids Addie and David lost their home and belongings to a horrific fire. We wrote about it when we headed back to see them in April 2012 . 

Thankfully, they are now all enjoying the miracle of a home that is now truly brand new…exterior to interior, foundation to roof! I know the arduous job of making choices on color, fabrics, textures, layouts and the like is difficult, however the selections they have made are just fantastic! 

It was an amazing, fun time! My weeks stay just flew by however the time I was there I was able to delight in and with them. That special time provided me, and hopefully them some beautiful memories! 

More pictures here.


  1. Great memories...And how nice it is to be a part of their daily routine! You were sure busy doing good things.

    So glad your son and family are settled in to a new home.

  2. Thanks Gay & Joe! It was wonderful...the kind of memories you keep in your heart forever! And absolutely - it was a long struggle for them, and they too are happy, happy to be in their new home!