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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey! Have you guys been to Quartzsite?

Rick Morgan

The answer has always been no…until now anyway! We arrived Friday, February 1 and decided we would stay one night, and here it is Sunday, February 3 and we have decided to stay yet another night.

It’s been a mystery to us what all the fuss was about, but after seeing it for ourselves – we get it! The town itself is nothing to write about other than it is congested, jam-packed, and swarming with RV’s and people from all over. Many of those same RV’s are “packed together liked sardines”…however we are not. We are camped out in the Sonoran Desert – boondocking actually. In layman’s terms…that means without any hook-ups like water, electric or sewer. So being self-contained in our Winnebago Adventurer it’s not a problem to get away from the masses and make periodic visits to the town!

The main purpose for people flocking here are the shows – all kinds from RV, Sports and Vacation, to Hobby Craft and Gem shows to the current Rock and Roll Classic Car show. Quartzsite then has lots to offer. When the shows are not going on the population is about 3, 665 as of 2011, but when the shows are in town, the community swells to many more thousands! Check out this video to get the “feel” and it will help you to understand the craziness and fun of this place!

You can buy almost any and every gadget here and now you are now asking what did we get? Well…the big purchase for me was a $6 rake – and yes now including my “household chores” I can do “yard work!” LOL

For Rick – it was purchasing some LED lights for our RV, not near as exciting as my rake!

Now after having told you about the numbers of people that come here, you may not believe what I am going to tell you now!

As we were talking with the camp hosts and picking up our free BLM 14 day camping pass, another guy came along. We started talking and he said he had just finished camp-hosting in Death Valley. Really? We have friends and fellow Glacier National Park hosts who are camp-hosting there now…do you know them? Well…indeed he did and even took a photo of us to send to them!!! Small world??!!

Not so fast, because when we were in the “Big Tent” in Quartzsite, I looked over and I saw this woman walking my way. I stopped, and she stopped, and we moved toward one another and I said…I know you – and she said yes, I know you too! Well after talking a few minutes trying to figure it out, we discovered where we had met – in the most unlikely place. A year ago April we had been at the Winnebago plant in Forest City, IA, and they were there too. Keeping in mind, in Forest City, we only met about 10 people. NOW…that’s a small world!!!

So for the remainder of today and tonight, our final night before heading towards Phoenix and the McDowell Mountain Regional Park we are going to enjoy the scenes from our secluded campsite.