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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Rick Morgan

Well…to be honest…we considered not going to the Desert Museum! After all who wants to pay to see a bunch of animals we have seen in a zoo? In addition, why would we pay to see a desert when we have become very familiar with the desert in this area…sooooo what’s to see and spend our dollars on?

What we typically do is to ask ourselves if we were in the area and didn’t go there, would we regret that decision later…and our undisputed answer this time…was yes! So off we went to the Desert Museum and very pleased we did!

The grounds are beautiful and spotless, and the docents we encountered were remarkable. The exhibits were very well done. It was indeed a very different experience for us. No elephants, or tigers, but animals that are specific to this area. We walked through caves, saw magnificent minerals of the desert, a mountain lion up close, cute as can be bobcats, birds (in fact witnessed the practice session for one of the raptors), fish, snakes, sleeping javelinas (we’ve seen them up close and personal while in Fort Davis, Texas), black bear (which we have also seen up close and personal while camp hosting in Glacier National Park), and the most interesting to us an aviary of hummingbirds. 

Several reasons it was so interesting to us was due in great part to Gay, a sweet, knowledgeable docent in the aviary. She spent so much time with us answering, what I’m sure to her were never ending questions. Gay showed us a hummingbird nest, explained the entire reproductive process, along with the feeding habits – she asked us if we were willing to be patient for about ten minutes, we said we were, and per her prediction, we were rewarded with a momma hummingbird landing on the nest and watched with curiosity and fascination the momma feeding her tiny, tiny baby hummingbird. 

We learned more about the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, more about its creatures, discovered new species of plants, and were able to take walk the grounds and trails which all enabled us to truly enjoy our time and money spent there…and of course take lots of photos

If you are in the area - go - you don't want to regret not going.