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Monday, January 7, 2013

Watch out! Crash! What was that?


On January 2nd we left home and headed to Palm Springs to pick up our RV. Our plan is to roam around the southwest for the next several months. On Friday January 4, our plans were changed -slightly. We were on I10, 25 miles from Palm Springs. It was 11:45 am and we were excited and looking forward to picking up Tiger III (our RV) when JoAnne exclaimed Watch Out! Then Crash… What was that? As we were passing a large flatbed truck a large piece of something flew off the back of the truck and hit us damaging the left front of the car. Yikes! Long story short… We caught up with the truck called the nursery that owned the truck and we both pulled off the highway. California Highway Patrol came, report made, and insurance claim filed. I am happy to report that we are totally fine – only the car suffered. Yet, we will be staying in Palm Springs a little longer then we had planned. We are not complaining. There is still a ton of things we want to see in do in the area. We headed to Sam’s Family Spa and Hot Water Resort – we had visited Nina of Wheeling It here last November. We will be settled in at Sam's until we get the claim settled.

As luck would have it there is also a large national insurance industry meeting taking place in Palm Springs next week. As many any of you know, I am still working and am Sr. Vice President for Aartrijk, a boutique branding firm out of Washington DC. We work almost exclusively with the independent insurance industry. Peter van Aartrijk the CEO of Aartrijk and many of our clients will be at the meeting and now so will I.

We still have plans to make it to Anza Borrego State Park and then spend a couple of days in Quartzsite before we head to McDowell Mountain Regional Park outside of Scottsdale in early February. But as JoAnne likes to say… “we are fluid”.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mishap on the freeway. There seems to be a bit of an epidemic of this among our blogger friends.

    Just a note, Rick, are you aware that your blog has the dreaded double word verification turned on? A lot of bloggers simply won't comment because of the difficulties involved in guessing the 2 words.

    This can be turned off if you want by going to Dashboard > Settings > Posts and Comments then click 'No' for 'Show Word Verification'.

  2. Rick, thanks for the tip. I was not aware and have made the change you suggested.

    BTW - it would be great to meet sometime over the next week!

  3. Just hate when something flies off a truck and you are the catcher. Glad it was only metal. We are presently in Livingston TX and will be rolling west in a few weeks. We love Anza Borrego and hope to be there at some point. Maybe we can cross trails along the way. Will be posting when we have some idea of what we are doing. Our only schedule is back east in May.

  4. Mishaps are always inconvenient...bummer. We're heading to QZ tomorrow and Mona Liza Lowes will head over on the 17th. We'll be back at Cave Creek Reg Park 1-19 as will LuAnn from Paint Your Landscape. A little blogger meet n greet may be in order :-) Let me know if your game. Safe travels, Ingrid

  5. Bummer on the road mishap. We're heading to Quartzsite tomorrow. Mona Liza Lowes will be there on the 17th. We'll be at Cave Creek Reg Pk along with LuAnn of Paint Your Landscape when you're at McDowell. Perhaps a little blogger meet n greet in our plans??? Safe travels, Ingrid

  6. Are you here now in Quartzsite? When we were here last December it was very quite now the town looks like a party town. It seems like all RVrs have descended here and partying.

  7. We are still in Palm Springs and plan on heading to Anza Borrego State Park in a couple of days. We may pass through Quartzsite but do not plan on camping there. After Anza we are headed to McDowell Regional Mountain Park outside of Phoenix. Then the Tucson area at the end of February.