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Friday, November 9, 2012

The RV Resort Experience


As we pulled out of Zion National Park we headed to the Sands RV Resort & Golf Course in Desert Hot Springs, CA. This is a new experience for us. We have never stayed at an RV “resort” preferring instead to stay in the more “natural” settings of national forest, BLM land, state and national parks.

There are lots of RV Resort options to choose from in the Desert Hot Springs/Coachella Valley area. How did we hear about and pick the Sands? First, A blogger we follow stays here every winter and seems to really like it. I then got on-line and looked at lots of pictures and read lots of reviews. The deciding factors included the free Wi-Fi, “executive” golf course and the privacy hedges between RV spots (many of the parks in the area only offer wide-open, rather barren, unsheltered spaces.)

So… how is it going? Since arriving here we have checked out several other parks and are satisfied that for us, we made a good decision. The staff has been great; the pool, landscaping, hot tubs, golf and laundry facilities have been updated in the past couple of years and are actually very nice.

The location is perfect - giving us easy access to Palm Springs, Interstate 10 and the rest of the Coachella valley. We have met and shared a cocktail or two with other “residents”. This has been a good “experiment”. Yet, we have learned that the “resort” experience is not for us. Our sticks and bricks house is in a “resort” type community. We RV to get out and explore the back roads of the US and to enjoy the adventure of travel.

Our original plan was to stay here for a month (which we will do) then store our RV and drive our toad (tow car) back to Colorado to spend the holidays with our kids and grand kids. Then after Christmas drive back and spend the month of January at the Sands. We are still going to store our RV go back to Colorado for the holidays. But when we return, instead of staying at the Sands we are going to hit the road and spend the next several months exploring the desert southwest.
Sands RV Resort


  1. Hi, we usually stay at the Sands for a couple of weeks on our way to other places, love the people we have met there. Makes us feel like coming home everytime we stop in. Anyhow would you mind telling us where you are storing your rig, because this year we need to store our's for a couple of weeks as well.

  2. We sometimes stay in Resorts, mostly because they have a convenient location or are the only available facility near where we want to be. Resorts offer many amenities that we have no interest in. We do not golf, play pickle ball or fish. A swimming pool is neat for a dip but not to sit around all day.

    We much prefer back country, NP or SP, Forest Service. A piece of desert with some not to close neighbors and a place to dump nearby is ideal. Two weeks in Senator Wash is our idea of great RVing.

  3. I think I understand.
    My oldest brother has done the "resort" type of thing for many, many years.
    I'm not sure how he does it. I think I'd start to get a little bored.

    I think a month in one place would do it for me too.

  4. Frank - We found a very nice Covered space at Cathedral Village Self Storage at 32500 Date Palm Drive.

  5. Your post with all the pics of the Sands has made me very anxious to hit the road and get back down there early in January.

  6. Rick - While we won't be staying here in January we will be in the area for a couple of weeks. i hope we get a chance to meet.