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Monday, September 3, 2012

Wild Flowers, Wild flowers everywhere!


Part of the beauty of this area, especially at this transitional time of year, is the wildflowers!
Every drive you take, every meadow, sides of mountains, every rock that has a nook and cranny, along the roadways, and in the campgrounds….they are ever present.

I won’t pretend to know about the various types of these flowers – but what I do know is we enjoy taking photographs of them. I can only imagine the flowers in the “back country” we have yet to see.
When we first arrived in late July, the park was indeed beautiful – but it didn’t have the explosion of flowers we have been seeing lately.

We are blessed with an array of colors and textures!

It appears most of these flowers have adapted to a short growing season, and like the cool evenings – then truly burst into glorious color during the sunny days!

The people who know about this type of thing say, as the winters here seem to be milder than in the past, the glaciers are gradually melting, and this also affects the wild flowers. It's sad but true, that some experts have predicted, by the year 2030 there may be no more glaciers in Glacier National Park. These huge ice fields have created the beauty of the landscape we see today. As the glaciers slowly slide, they have molded the peaks and valleys that are so lovely. As the melting progresses, it will affect not only the plant life but the animals who roam this area in freedom. 

We are fortunate and very blessed to be here!

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