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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do you ever get bored?


Honest answer…NO! 

Not even sometimes? Nope!

Bowman Lake

Not only are we having fun, enjoying the beauty of this place by just being here, but by taking hikes, tons of photographs, kayaking, 

Kayaking on Lake McDonald

walking along the beach, attending nightly ranger talks,

Lake McDonald

and naturally our own general exploring…we have meet some fabulous campers (yes – there are always a few not so fabulous), 

Rick & JoAnne in Polebridge, MT

and we’ve made some new friends. 

Camp Hosts - West Glacier Campgrounds

Part of our family has come for a short visit, and we are forever grateful that some of our “old friends” come to visit as well. 

Tracey & Eric
Lois & JoAnne
Hal, Lois & Rick

Really and truly, never a dull moment! From helping campers, fixing problems, giving information, sharing experiences – and yes, “war stories” from the campgrounds!

Last Sunday, we hosted a BBQ for the Rangers who were on duty, and fellow camp hosts from this side (the west side) of the park.

The west side camp hosts all go the breakfast every Sunday morning at West Glacier Restaurant, in West Glacier – we go to dinner with other couples, and have cocktails after work!

In between all of this, we blog, email, talk to, and FaceTime with the grandkids. I of course do genealogy, Rick works, and we also have hobbies we enjoy – plus we occasionally have to do some grocery shopping, and the ever growing laundry!

Nope…never bored!!!!

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