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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Going to the Sun!


Yep, you do feel as if you are “going to the sun” when you travel this awe-inspiring, impressive road...a continuous work in progress!

That’s exactly what we did yesterday, Tuesday, the 28th. As many of you know, Monday and Tuesday are our days off from camp hosting and we like to make the most of them, specifically getting to know beautiful Glacier National Park a little better each day.

The best way to get to Logan Pass, Crown of the Continent,  if you are short on time, and want a good overview of the park, is by the free shuttle busses that run every half hour. This time we made a choice to drive ourselves – we dedicated a whole day to this adventure.

Some interesting facts about the road itself, and some of the history of building Going-to- the-Sun-Road are available and I have to say captivating. It was, and remains an engineering feat! Today, as has been the past several years, there are road crews “repairing parts of this history” which does cause some delays. But in our eyes yesterday, these delays were most welcome. They enabled us to just sit and admire and soak in this glorious creation of wonderment!

What too was so remarkable yesterday, it was as if we were traveling on this road for the first time! Of course we have been on it many times before, be it by ourselves back in the day of T1 at 19’, or with friends in cars, or most recently with other Park Staff when heading for the Logan Pass Star Party.  We also experienced some of the fog/smog from all of the surrounding fires…yet still it was awesome!

Every turn, every bend in the road displayed new and astonishing surprises! We had left Apgar campground heading to Logan Pass which is at the very top, and then travelling downward, and then up again to Many Glacier Hotel. All along the way, we stopped at the various campgrounds the Park has to offer guests, combined with the numerous Exhibits that dot the roadway – and lucky us…we were able to actually view the sun and see an actual sun-flare at St. Mary’s visitor center where a volunteer astronomer had set up a special telescope.

My words cannot possibly express, or give credit to, the beauty that is in, and surrounds this breathtaking Park – the Park we call home for two months.

On our way back to Apgar Campground, we stopped at a little cafe near Babb, Montana. It was recommended to us by a fellow camp host. Two Sisters Café was yet another interesting and delicious stop on our journey excursion.

Warning…when you take a look at the photos here, they too are unable to do justice to what you actually see with your own eyes. Enjoy!

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  1. 183Great pics! It truly is a majestic park! One of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Great seeing you guys! Thanks for the heads up about the kitchen shop in Big Fork...loved it and the town!