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Monday, June 11, 2012

My InnoMax Experience

We have an InnoMax king RV air mattress in our Winnebago Adventurer. We have added a 2” memory foam pad making it the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on – home, hotel or RV.

The problem is air mattresses can spring leaks – and that what happened to us. Last week before we headed out on a week-long trip to a local state park I noticed that one side of the bed was sagging. I hit to button to inflate – which it did but also immediately lost pressure. Yikes, now what. I called a couple of local RV places (Winnebago authorized dealers) and found them to be of no help. Finally, I got on-line and looked up InnoMax. I had forgotten they were manufactured in Denver – just a short drive from our home in Broomfield.

I called them, fully expecting to have to replace the defective air bag and a possibly a long delay before could get it fixed. To my surprise I was told that if I drove the RV down they would be happy to evaluate the problem and fix it on the spot. Really? Wow!

I picked up the RV and drove to the ImmoMax showroom and factory. Upon arriving I was met by Edna. She had already been told I was coming and had lined up a tech to help me. I don’t have the name of the service tech but he was amazing.

It turns out the problem had actually been caused by Winnebago putting an extra clamp on the air hose. The clamp restricted the movement and caused a split in the hose. (I later learned that Innmax had communicated this problem to Winnebago and they no longer put on the clamp.)

The service I received was stellar. Not only did they fix the split hose but also installed new and updated connectors between the hose and the compressor. When I inquired about the charge, I was told that there was none and their aim was to provide great service and keep their customers happy – mission accomplished! Thanks Edna, our tech, and InnoMax.

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