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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Area - Tennessee

We stopped here on March 27th:: One of our "on the road detours" were the Pinson Mounds which is a National Historic Landmark. We saw a "brown sign" (which indicates some sort of historical site) along the drive, and since neither one of us had been to a State Archaeological Area we thought..."what the heck" let's go see what they are.

Along a long, winding, back woods road, we ended up at the park museum which is built into a replicated prehistoric Native American mound. What a fascinating little place! We watched a documentary on the 1820 discovery by a surveying crew and then named after one of the surveyors, Joel Pinson. It also showed the 1950s and 60s archaeological digs of the area, and took a look at the prehistoric discoveries they found.

From there we walked out out into the complex which features at least 17 earthen mounds. Pinson is the largest Middle Woodland period (200 B.C. to 500 A.D.) mound center of the Southeast.

Rick decided to climb the second tallest mound in the United States, at 72 feet - Saul's Mound. Way to go Rick!!! I of course had to stay behind and document the climb! LOL

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