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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Timing is Everything – or getting out of Colorado ahead of the big snow!

When we left home and headed for St. Louis the temps were in the 60’s. We had great weather and an easy trip across Eastern Colorado, Kansas and Missouri – warm weather, no wind. The last time we made this trip we had sub-zero temperatures, snow and lots of wind. So, this was a very welcome change.

We had a great time with our St. Louis Grandkids. Since our son and daughter-and-law were off to Reno for most of the week we had the kids all to ourselves. What fun – no really – what fun!

On Wednesday (Feb 1) we headed south – sort of. We were not sure if we should head to Memphis or Nashville. As it turned out we didn’t go to either. We headed toward Memphis but stopped at Trail of Tears State Park. This park marks the spot and is a tribute to the13 groups of Cherokee Indians that crossed the Mississippi River in the harsh winter of 1838-1839. While we knew the story of the Trail of Tears we did not realize that many of the Cherokee Indians had been relocated from northern Georgia where for the most part they had integrated themselves into the American culture and were living and farming in frontier Georgia.

Next, we headed to Bollinger Mill State Historic Site. The mill turned out to be closed but the covered bridge was worth the trip.

We spent the night on the shores of the Mississippi at Columbus-Belmont State Park in KY. This was the site of a Confederate fortification built during the Civil War. In fact, they stretched a chain across the River to block Northern ships – part of the chain is on display.

On Thursday we headed East toward the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park and stopped for the night at Rough River Dam State Resort Park – Laurel Branch.

We spent Friday morning visiting Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. You know most of the history but it was interesting to learn that while Lincoln was born in a Log Cabin his family was considered middle class, as they were landowners.

We then headed further south and camped at Levi Jackson State Park near London, KY. This park contains some of the historic trails used by more that 200,000 settlers who came through the Cumberland Gap between 1774 and 1796.

Saturday was our “catch-up” day. We paid bills, processed pictures, wrote this blog, answered email, etc. Again, timing is everything – I rained all day making it a perfect day to stay put.

Tomorrow, on Super Bowl Sunday we will drive to Cumberland GAP National Historic Park.

Before we sign off… We have really enjoyed our time with our grandkids and traveling through Kentucky at this time of the year. We know we have been lucky to have the warm weather we have experienced and while it is less green than most of the rest of the year it has been fun having the back roads and state parks to ourselves – literally. Last night was the first time we shared a campground with another camper.



  1. Hello,

    Well it sounds like you are on a great adventure. You are right, what a gift of weather we have been having and you left Colorada at the right time. The snow will wait for you to return, so enjoy this fantastic trip!

    Love and regards,

    Cheryl Redelsperger

  2. What a great idea! Traveling south sure fits the bill as there must be a reason there are so many people in Florida this time of year!

    Will continue to follow your adventure! Makes us want to look into campers.


  3. Was wondering when the blog will be up! As usual a very interesting travel trip. Keep having fun! Jane

  4. What??!!!??? Do you two think you are "retired" or something???!!! lol I am glad that you both are taking time to ENJOY life! Hugs, Theresa