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Friday, November 18, 2011

There is Beach Duty and Then There is Beach Duty!

Here is what beach duty at Ridgway State Park looked like. For the most part, beach duty here meant making sure the no dogs and the no glass rules were being followed. 

Here is what beach duty at Galveston Island State Park looks like. Yes, we make sure dogs are on leash and that no glass is brought onto the beach. But our main “responsibility” is to help keep the beach clean. (Think about a beach version of adopt-a-highway.) The amount of trash that washes ashore from the gulf is both amazing and in some regards sad. Regardless, we really enjoy traveling up and down the beach in our Gator. The surf, the sunrises, the birds and the ocean breeze – all good!


  1. Life is tough some times. Glad you guys are pulling your share. I spent my youth on Galveston beaches. As a young adult, I did my fair share of fishing in the Gulf. When I moved to Corpus Christi 20+ years ago, I realized the Gulf is not chocolate brown. If you've not been to Moody Gardens or NASA up the road, those are most stops. Hope you enjoy your time doing beach duty.

  2. Ha! I know what you mean about "chocolate brown". We spent several hours yesterday at Moody Gardens and then the Festival of Lights last night - really had a great time. NASA is on the list.