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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Motorcycles and Mansions


Since arriving at Galveston State Park, we have settled into our Camp Hosting routine. Our work here is very different from our duties at Ridgway State Park. For one thing, the Park (and most of Texas) is in a fire ban due to the continuing drought. So, no fire pits to clean. One of the duties we really like is riding in our Gator along the beach – but more about that in another post.

Life at Galveston is pretty laid back. The early mornings, are filled with beautiful sunrises. We enjoy watching the Brown Pelicans fishing in the gulf, the Royal Terns skimming above the waves and the many varieties of sandpipers darting in and out of the surf.

Thinking about the past two weeks – what stands out most was our trip to the Strand and the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally and our visits to both Bishops Palace and the Moody Mansion. The rally is one of the largest in the US and we had a fun afternoon hang’n with the hogs.

Last November as we blogged and shared pictures of the many truly amazing Victorian homes in the National Historic District here in Galveston. At that time, we had not been able to go through the tours of the two mansions. This time, it became a priority…and we are so glad we were able to see these amazing homes.

You might ask what the strange and “unusual looking house” is doing in the mansion mix. We see this on our way from the Island to the Mainland. It has various names, the Ark, Kettle house among them. I don’t have a clue about the history – but I’ll work on finding out.

We also had the opportunity to see the magnificent “tree sculptures.” These old, huge trees, destroyed during hurricane Ike in 2008, are now transformed into beautiful, unique works of art. The sculptures, designed by chain saw artists, and paid for by the owners of these homes with a specific theme meaningful to that homeowner.   

Yesterday Rick attended the naturalist walk along the gulf discovering ghost crabs, ghost shrimp, and a numerous variety of clams.

Now it’s back to work! See Photos Here

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  1. thanks for stopping by the blog and your kind comments... I see you visited Brazos Bend SP. I use to work for Texas Parks and Wildlife and was the Biologist for that park when it was being developed. Enjoy Galveston!