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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lights, Action, Camera


What fun it has been these several days. We are in a gorgeous setting, having fun, keeping active, and experiencing new adventures.

Our mornings and evenings filled with spectacular light shows of blazing sunrises and sunsets. We enjoy interesting experiences and are able to watch the variety, and often amusing, amazing birds. We are savoring the opportunity to experience the life-style of Galveston Island.

One such experience was attending the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens. We went a bit late in the afternoon, got a bite to eat. We were able to enter two of the pyramids. One has, one of the best Aquariums we have ever seen, and the other was the Rain Forest.

Then when it was dark – the lighting suddenly appeared! How awesome and what joy it brings to your heart to see the creative and most magical lighting displays they have! You feel like a kid again – in awe and wonder! Don’t miss the pictures on this fact if you miss any of the photos you will miss some imaginative camera work! Ha! See Photos Here

One afternoon we saw an advertisement for a “Market on The Strand.” Loving the old Strand, we thought what the heck and off we went. We did enjoy the Strand – the Market…not so much!
One of the things we noticed on this trip to The Strand was noticing the water lines on buildings from Hurricane Ike in 2008. Now we have a clearer understanding of what this community experienced, and appreciate the huge steps forward they have and continue to make in their recovery.

Not sure what we were going to do this year for Thanksgiving – since we liked Moody Gardens so well – we decided to have brunch at the Moody Gardens Hotel. Now this was not any ordinary brunch at a hotel. In addition to the delicious food – the customer service and wait staff were first class! We enjoyed our brunch at a “table for two” while listening to the live piano player and songstress. 

As many of you know, Rick and I have – scratch that – had an inflatable kayak. Now we have had many great adventures with that kayak – but this time it was the biggest and most memorable adventure. 

As we were making our way around the lush, wet, water trails we enjoyed bird sightings and the weather was perfect. As we made our way into Galveston Bay, the waters opened up before us and you felt as if you were paddling out to sea.

Suddenly…I ask Rick…why are we listing on the left side? Hmmmm, says Rick as he paddles ever faster! What happened is we developed a leak! It was a long, hard, exhausting paddle (for Rick) and I cannot tell you how blessed we are, how I am, that Rick keeps himself in top shape! I say…Thank you God and thank you Rick for making it possible to end our adventure on shore instead of underwater. Our next stop? The trash dumpster! We had unknowingly taken our last voyage!

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  1. Great Pictures. The Blog was very interesting and STAY out of inflatable Kayaks if you are going out to sea!!!
    It was good to read and see the pictures!!


    Mom and Dad