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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Final Journey to Galveston Island State Park

Yes, we’re here…we enjoyed a wonderful journey to our destination arrival and have been busy ever since!

On our way, we visited many great Sate Parks in Texas; however, our “final leg” brought us to Galveston Island State Park with one fascinating stop, and an unexpected adventure crossing Galveston Bay.

Our fascinating stop was at Big Thicket National Preserve in Kountze, Texas. Thankfully, the weather was cool and not very humid. Often called an American ark or the biological crossroads of North America, and established to protect its complex biological diversity. It comprises a combined pine and cypress forest, hardwood forest, meadow, and blackwater swamp that all house an extraordinary abundance of species that seem to coexist so well. It’s hard to see or get the feel from the few photos we have the diversity and density of this remarkable place.

Now about the unexpected adventure!

We traveled South on State Highway 87 because our new GPS indicated it is the only highway around Galveston Bay. Well…it became apparent we were on a road to somewhere on the Bolivar Peninsula – we just didn’t know where that “somewhere” was!

The road ended at the ferry landing. There we were - - in line, no clue what the cost, schedule, or requirements were…and no way to turn around. Now I know we’re all about the “journey” not the “destination” so we were ready for a most unexpected adventure for sure!

Our line inched forward. It was our turn. We asked all the questions we had earlier wondered about. RV’s are okay, and remarkably, in today’s world an unexpected surprise for sure…IT IS FREE, plus were next in line to board. Before we knew it…in 18-minutes and 2.7-miles, we crossed one of the busiest waterways in the world, and landed on Galveston Island.

Once here, we met with Rangers, have an assigned camp host spot, uniforms, and assignments, tools, and a “gator.”

Our days, filled with meeting new people, exploring new places, my favortite is riding the “gator” up, and back the Galveston Island beach looking for trash – but what do they say? One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Enjoy the PHOTOS HERE!

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