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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swim Beach Duty


Every month, on a rotation basis the seven Camp Hosts and various Volunteers take turns in what’s, affectionately called, “Swim Beach Duty!”

Now before I go any further…NOOOOOO it is not like “Bay Watch.” Beach duty involves sitting at the beach and making sure no one breaks the rules. There aren’t many, but these are the top ones: NO dogs on the beach, NO fires on the beach, NO fishing on the beach, NO glass allowed, and the biggie…STAY within the buoy lines.

We’re there as a precautionary measure to prevent avoidable incidents, and be present in case there is an emergency. Moreover, the best part of all is we get a “big old” bullhorn!

We bring our cooler, some snacks or lunch, and for the most part, relax, enjoy the sun and the wonderful breezes – and of course the people watching.

As you can see from the photos, people come to swim, even though the temperature of the water is still a bit cold, relax, sunbathe, picnic, and enjoy more of the amenities here at Ridgway State Park.


  1. Glad all is going well. I am sure you are looking forward to a few friends from the Ranch. Wish I were there! That isn't a picture of Sandy on the beach, is it?

    Miss you!


  2. Nope - NOT Sandy! No dogs on the beach! :-)