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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sandy had Surgery...What do we do?


Well…wouldn’t you know it!! The dog has cracked her premolar (large tooth on the top in the back) and has a huge benign tumor over her left eye. She had to have surgery today at the San Juan Veterinary Clinic in Montrose, who came highly recommended to us by our Boulder vet, Alpine Hospital for Animals.

We had to have her there at 8:00am and were able to pick her up around 4:00pm. So what do we do all day in Montrose, CO? Explore of course – one of our very favorite things to do.

We went to the Montrose County Historical Museum, which is located in the old Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot - What an unusual museum it was…tons of exhibits inside and outside of the building. The people we met there were so nice, and extremely helpful in giving us more of the area history.

Now being lunchtime - We were waiting to cross the street and this little old woman looks up and down the street watching all of the traffic go by and says, “What has ever happened to my town?” Clearly, Montrose was becoming much larger than she wanted it. Rick asked her where the best place in town to eat was and she told us – the Daily Bread of course - so on to the lip-smacking, local “mom and pop” restaurant. The homemade buns, along with the food we ordered, were some of the best we have ever had.

After our lunch break, we drove the outskirts of Montrose and found (with the help of the historical museum folks) the Montrose Botanical Gardens. WOW! Who knew? The gardens are new being established in 1995 – but boy-oh-boy, we could only imagine how this must have looked when the flowers were all in full bloom. The photos hardly do it justice.

We then headed to the Montrose Library while we waited for a call to pick up our girl.

Poor baby!

On our way home and we were invited for a watermelon and cake treat by one of the other Camp Hosts. That’s one of the nice things here – you do meet kind, (not always, but mainly) and interesting people.

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