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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The People


One of the fun and memorable things that we experience as Camp Hosts is meeting some wonderful people! Now that’s not to say they are All fun and wonderful…but the ones I will share with you are!

Probably the most fun and memorable person for me was an adorable, precious five-year-old girl who was traveling with her grandparents for a week. Her name was Olivia and the night before they left Elk Ridge Campground, she came over and said “I have something for you” – she handed me several pictures she had drawn and one especially brought tears to my eyes.

She drew a picture of our mobile home, golf cart, Sandy (our dog) and various other items, which I am sure, will be self-explanatory when you look at the drawing. LOL

It made me miss my own grandchildren even more than I already do! Moreover, it made me feel blessed to possibly, have made a wonderful and memorable camping experience for her. The next morning I went to their camper and dropped off a stuffed animal, and a butterfly pin. Hope she likes them!

For Rick, it was Jerry Funk, who wrote about his quest to climb all 55-14,000 foot mountains in Colorado. Rick had some long discussions with him and even bought his book.

The other “celebrity” we met and were both fascinated with was Jake Billingsley, who was on Survivor Thailand (2002). He had some interesting stories, and if you would like to read more about him, click on this link.

Then there was the father and his little girl who had gone fishing, caught some trout, and knocked on our door and offered us some fresh trout for dinner.

Or, the couple we met from Chicago who had an amazing custom made Teardrop Camper with a private, screened entry who we were able to share lots of camping and hiking stories.

The Brown’s – the Harley motorcycling family from Palisade, CO who owned a peach orchard and told us all about Colorado peaches and offered to bring us some tree-ripened peaches in August! Yum…can’t wait!

Now all of the people are not famous, and haven’t written books, or been on TV or in the movies – some every day, sweet, kind people come to the mountains to camp, enjoy the Colorado outdoors and one another.

Another time I will write about the Rangers, Camp Hosts, and Volunteers we have meet while here at Ridgway State Park - but for now I wanted to share some special memories with you.

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