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Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct 31, 2010 Halloween Bastrop Style


We headed down to “The Most Historic Small Town in Texas” – Bastrop. What an adventure! See Photos Here

It reminded us of our days back in Lombard – just an old fashioned town celebrating the trickery and intrigue of Halloween.

We started to think the whole town came out to party. There were little haunted houses, slides, and games for the kids and all were handing out prizes and candy. The local business owners had their windows decorated and “trick or treaters” were going in and coming out with candy in their hands.

I am sure everyone had a dog dressed up (except us of course – but Miss Sandy attracted a lot of attention) – she was even given away kisses!

After observing the fun for awhile we headed on back “home” and were equally surprised at the number of pretty old homes who were decorated with long lines of kids waiting for candy along the way.

Ahhhhhhhhh…the old days! Great memories for us!

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