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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov 9, 2010 Brazos Bend Lives Up to Its Billing


Well, now that we have been here for several days what do we think of Brazos Bend State Park? In a few words…LOVE this place!!!!

-Beautiful walks around stunning and well maintained trails that take you into the woods,and around lakes.
-Additions to our life bird list…plus for the very first time we had fun watching a Cardinal looking at himself, talking, and pecking at our driver’s side rear view mirror.
-Photography opportunities galore. See Photos Here
-Wildlife…white tailed deer running through our “perfect campsite,” birds, birds, birds, lakes and American Alligators! This morning we took a very long, walk and actually witnessed an alligator eating a snake.
-200 to 500 year old Live Oak Trees dripping with Spanish moss.

All in all YES, this is one beautiful place and now we understand why it was named one of America’s top State Parks!

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