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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oct 9, 2010 A Creature Visits!


Before I begin today, I want to say what an utterly incredible sky we saw last night. So many stars – crystal clear and sparking in the exceptionally dark sky!

Now today – Saturday, we were surprised with a guest! We have researched it on the net, however if anyone knows what else it might be please let us know! We think it was a Texas Spiny Lizard! See Photos Here

We also saw an Armadillo, but they are so quick it ran away before we could get a photo…darn!

After the excitement, we went for a long hike through what seemed to be an endless “forest of cactus,” shrub, mesquite trees, rocks, slopes, and weeds along the shore of Lake Colorado City. We were sure this area must have been covered with water at some point; lots of sand, ravines, and I even found shells.

After lunch we headed into the town of Colorado City. It was depressing until we talked to a couple of the shop owners who said the town is trying to make a recovery. Whew…a long way to go with that, but it did have some interesting old buildings – most of them were vacant, and many antique (read junk) stores, although there were a few nice shops trying to make a go of it.
One of the shop owners said you should have seen it before – there was tumbleweed rolling down Main Street.

We hope they make it!!!

Lake Colorado City State Park
We liked the peace and tranquility. It’s remote so it would not appeal to some – but we liked it. We added to our life bird list, saw some “creatures” – and explored the area.

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