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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oct 15, 2010 Annie Riggs…what a woman!


I was wondering why they have the world’s largest roadrunner at the entry to Fort Stockton…when there is so much more to this area…Hmmmm!

The fort itself was not even close to the Fort Davis site, the Calvary Cemetery was ok, however the most interesting grave in it was the controversial Sherriff A.J. Royal who was assassinated by some unknown person and remains the “big mystery of Pecos County.” The remains of the Calvary Officers have been relocated to the Fort Sam Houston Cemetery.

The Comanche Springs which was the focal point of where so much of this area’s history began has since dried up due to irrigation needs, and the “historic part of town” has a driving tour of the old buildings with signs indicating what they had been.

The most fascinating place to me was the Annie Frazier Johnson Riggs Museum and Hotel.

Annie, born in 1858, married James Johnson, who was the first sheriff in Pecos County in 1877; she had 6 children and ran the Koehler Hotel. They divorced and in 1891 she married Barney Kemp Riggs who was a gunman, and had 4 children with him. She divorced him in 1901 as he was in prison for murder, but later his sentence was pardoned.

Annie’s son-in-law Buck Chadborn shot Barney in self defense in 1902. Annie had Barney brought to the Hotel and stayed with him until he died the next day.
Barney died without a will and the estate went to Annie who purchased the Koehler Hotel in 1904 changing the name to the Riggs Hotel and operated it until her death in 1931. See Photos Here
Now I understand about the roadrunner!

After leaving Fort Stockton we are headed towards San Antonio – the variance in terrain is amazing! From flat, desert land to trees and forests and rivers, and now we are camped in the South Llano River State Park.

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