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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct 11, 2010 The Night of the Javelinas!


What an interesting day…and night – but first our day. We began by stopping in the town of Fort Davis which had a beautiful court house then exploring Fort Davis.

The ruins at Fort Davis are one of the best remaining examples of a frontier military post and are in astonishing condition given all the battles and history from 1854-1891. Fort Davis

The Fort did not become a national historic site until 1963 so many of the original structures were able to be restored and saved. See Photos Here

After viewing the orientation video, seeing the museum and walking the grounds you can only imagine what challenging conditions this place was to live in – and what enduring spirit these people must have had in developing the western frontier.

On the way back to camp we stopped at the Indian Lodge, a quaint adobe style lodge that was built in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Indian Lodge

One more stop, this time at the McDonald Observatory which is one of the major astronomical research facilities in the world. Our plan is to attend a “Star Party” there Tuesday night. McDonald Observatory

But tonight…the night belonged to the Javelinas! Everywhere, anywhere, and what a site they were!

As you can tell from the photos they have “free reign” of the campground and surrounding areas.

One of the Park Rangers told us they are blind, so their sense of smell and sound are acute. She also said if they ran into a dog, they could likely kill it so Sandy stayed in the rig where she just went ballistic trying to get a better look and scent.

They run if you make a quick, loud sound – but nonetheless they are strange creatures that make me feel uncomfortable about getting in their way! Javelinas

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