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Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 28, 2010 TCB


Guest Blogger – Rick


Our plan for today was to spend the morning around Bend “taking care of business.” Hal needed to replace a battery in his coach, Sandy needed a vet to look at a sore on her leg and JoAnne needed her INR test. Success! Hal got his new battery, Sandy's leg was checked and is fine, and JoAnne found a beautiful new clinic in Bend and was able to get the blood work done.

It was then off to Prineville, OR. We should probably mention the amazing scenery we see but it has become so common place that I fear we are starting to take it for granted. What an interesting little town Prineville is. It is nestled in a beautiful valley. As you drop into the town from the surrounding mountains your first sight is a very pretty golf course. Perhaps the most notable site in Prineville is the County Court House. WOW! No box stores in Prineville - this town really is a small town - size, feel and values - old shops along Main Street and a wonderful history museum run by the town historical society.

So, what do I mean about small town feel and values - Hal needed to have the bolts on his hitch tightened and need to get a special socket. Off to the Prineville Napa Store where…to make a long story short…the owner of the store stayed past closing hours, lent Hal his tools and personally helped him fix his hitch - when Hal asked what the charge would be the man told him, "nothing, get out of here and enjoy the rest of your vacation".

Camping that night was in the Crook County Park on Lake Ochoco. RM

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