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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday June 8, 2010 Above & Below Ground


Today’s blog is being written by Hal due to the fact that your regular blogger was incapacitated by some bad wine…(quantity not quality). In the morning, Lois, JoAnne, Rita, and Euell Gibbons (aka Rick) had a quick breakfast of pine nuts and yogurt then proceeded to take a tour of the Lehman caves.

While Jack and Hal had dog sitting duties (Sandy, Gizmo and Bear) they proceeded to skip the pine nuts and instead chose OJ, Coffee, crisp bacon and over easy eggs, all cooked outside on the grill………”.it don’t get no better den dat” then they proceeded to have the audacity to look at the map and plan a suggested route, that would be followed ONLY after receiving approval of the tour director aka Lois.

The afternoon was spent enjoying a picnic at the top of Wheeler Mountain at approximately 13,600 ft, followed by a hike by some of the more ambitious souls in the group.

The evening was spent grilling a great dinner followed by sitting around the camp fire killing a box of wine, giving Rick Texas Holdem lessons and telling lies.

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