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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday June 15, 2010 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Today began with yet another yummy breakfast prepared by Chez Jacque – aka Jack. During our breakfast chit chat, Jack came up with the quote of the day, however none of us can remember what it was in reference to… still it was classic…”I won’t do anything manually that can be done with pushing a button.” Now why we thought it was so profound…don’t have a clue. I guess when you’re camping it doesn’t really matter. LOL

Now on a personal note – you will notice in some of the photos I am wearing a black cap with a sparkly letter “G” on it. Wearing it with love and pride since it was a Mother’s Day gift from my five year old grandson David. BTW…the “G” is for Granny!

The morning is clear, sunny, and a tad crisp – but yet absolutely wonderful! We walked 2 miles around Manzanita Lake. Whew! How peaceful, stunning, and picturesque –evidenced by the photos and video. The afternoon was spent by taking a ride to Shingletown, and just relaxing.

Evening’s spaghetti and salad dinner was scrumptious! Another ride to Devastation Point, a view of the brilliant Manzanita Lake sunset, impressive campfire, and star filled sky! JM
Photos Here

This is also our first video blog:

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