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Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday June 10, 2010 Reno or Bust!


Guest Blogger: Rita (My 1st blog)

We got up this morning and were surprised how cold it was at our cute little resort.

Beginning today’s journey, we stopped a mile and a half down the road to visit historic cemeteries. The group really enjoyed it – except I could not because I was looking for my camera – but from the outside it looked great and old! :-)

Venturing down Highway 50, our second stop was Sand Mountain which is a large sand dune. JoAnne and Rick went a little further to see the Pony Express station.

Our next stop was the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. Our 24 mile trek around the “tour loop” of the sanctuary…on a dirt road…took us two hours! It was beautiful and we saw two birds, and a deer. LOL

Then we drove to Reno – it’s a big city not like the “old Reno.” We pulled into the RV parking lot at the Grand Sierra Resort.

After a long day of travel we sat around and ate and drank.

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