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Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 25, 2010 Falling Waters…and Battling Mosquitoes


Guest Blogger - Rick

Wow! What a beautiful morning we woke up to - a bright blue sky and a gentle breeze coming off of Diamond Lake. After a leisurely morning we headed off to explore some of the amazing waterfalls in the area. First up was Toketee Falls. A picture of this falls is on the cover of one of the promotional brochures. From the tail head, it was a short half mile hike to the falls. The hike itself was wonderful but the falls were spectacular - actually, not only the falls themselves but the setting. Like so much of the beauty we have seen on this trip the pictures will not do the setting justice.

Watson Falls was our second destination. It was another beautiful hike to a falls that drops over 240 feet. Again, it is impossible to capture the beauty with words or pictures. Both of these falls would be on my top 10 list and if you have a chance to travel to this area I would highly recommend taking the time to visit these and perhaps some of the other falls in the area.
After the hike back from Watson Falls we enjoyed a picnic lunch by the Watson River. It doesn't get any better than this.

On our way back to Diamond Lake we decided to take a detour to see Lemolo Lake and happened upon Lemolo Lake Resort - really a fishing camp in the summer and a snowmobile lodge in the winter. But it also had a small RV park which we couldn't resist - So, back to Diamond Lake to get the RVs and set up camp on Lemolo Lake. We had a relaxing dinner and then an evening of cards.

(A side note: Sandy was allowed on the Toketee Falls Trail and she had a great time hiking with us. But sadly she paid a price - one section was very steep and had a long climb of stairs which took a toll on her hips. It was clear that she was in pain. We all babied her rest of the day and evening and gave her an additional pain pill. She did wake up during the night having breathing trouble. She seems much better today (Saturday) but she needs to stay quiet and get her rest). RM

PS: Oh…and did I mention the ongoing fight with the blood thirsty mosquitoes?

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