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Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 24, 2010 A New Day


What a wonderful place! Beauty, tranquility, and peaceful! After yesterday and then trying to find a place to camp luckily we “did an excellent job” – and waking up this morning…blissful…except for the SWARMS and I do mean SWARMS of mosquitoes which apparently nest in the snow around here and when the snow melts they begin to hatch and go to town on people since they are soooooooo hungry for blood after their hibernation! After “Deeting up” spraying anything and everything a mosquito could possibly get in through - and getting used to them (well maybe) it turned into a magnificent day!

Rita and Jack made the decision to take a different route on their adventure. We were sad when they let us know this morning, but we all had a wonderful journey together - Lots of laughs and fun memories.

The highlight of our day was most definitely Crater Lake National Park. The drive up to the lake was remarkable – SNOW – and lots of it! The intensity of the blue waters was absolutely stunning…and the mirrored reflections of the crystal clear blue sky and white billowing clouds…you should SEE THE PHOTOS because it was as if you were looking at a mirror! The most amazing thing about this place is how it was created. The Mount Mazama volcano erupted about 7, 700 years ago and collapsed into itself leaving a five mile wide crater that is 1, 900+ feet deep – it is the deepest lake in the United States and is filled with only rain water, and snow melt.

Back at camp it was a fabulous steak dinner and then a fun game of cards! JM

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