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Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 16 -18, 2010 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Twists and Turns and Catching Up


Guest Blogger Sandy - (1st Blog)

Sandy here – my guardians have been having lots of human fun and have neglected to keep up with their blog posts the past couple of days. So, I thought I would help them and let you know what has been going on. This is my first blog.

Wednesday - I assumed my bench seat, stretched out, lay down and off we went from Lassen Volcanic National Park. Almost immediately we were on a very steep mountain road filled with lots of curves. I dug in my position…a slow uphill climb. Mom and Dad kept saying the scenery was spectacular – oh and they said things like…the wild flowers – WOW!

Our first stop was just past Redding at Whiskeytown Lake in Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area, CA. Whew, I was so happy since I needed a “pee” break, as did my friends Bear and Gizmo. Next, it was on to Trinity Lake also in the same National Recreation Area. The road was filled with more twists and turns – had to dig in to my position again - but before I knew it we were at Ackerman Campground, our stop for the night. I was glad as I needed to get a drink of water and stretch, and looked forward to all the new scents. Everyone except Mom and I decided to drive up to Trinity Center and explore the area along Trinity Lake. The group returned from what I guess was a pretty harrowing two hour drive. Thanks Mom for making a good call! It was great just hanging out in the campground and enjoying the cool breezes and all the new smells. It was an early night, which was just fine with me.

Thursday morning the plan was to drive to Eureka. Mom noticed that one of the tires looked low and upon checking the pressure, Dad confirmed that we had a flat tire – he was not a happy camper! Fortunately, the camp host had an air compressor and he filled the tire with the hope we could make it 29 miles to Weaverville, CA where we could get the tire patched. Not much I could do, so I jumped back up on the bench and closed my eyes. In Weaverville we found Trinity Tire. After checking the tire, we were advised that it could not be repaired. It was also clear that some of the other tires had been stressed and were showing wear. Mom & Dad made the decision to get all new tires. Bear and Gizmo headed to Eureka while I stayed behind waiting for the repairs to be made. Actually, it gave me a chance to catch up on my sleep. Mom & Dad pulled out their computers and caught up on email. By 4:30pm we were ready to roll to join our friends in Eureka! You have got to be kidding…just when I thought roads could not get any curvier…we were on a 100-mile journey of steep climbs, sharp descents and sharp turns. Yes, they kept saying how beautiful it was - but give me a break! We made it to Eureka around 7:00pm and boy was I hungry. Mom fed me, took me for a walk and it was time for bed. What a stressful day!!!

Friday was one of the best days yet. I got to see the Pacific Ocean and run on the beach – but I am getting ahead of myself. After a leisurely morning, Uncle Hal and Aunty Lois got in their Jeep - Dad helped me into the back. Gizz and Bear followed behind with their parents, Jack and Rita. We headed for the Victorian town of Ferndale. Mom & Dad said it was a cool little town filled with lots of interesting little shops and amazing Victorian Homes. But the real highlight (according to Mom) was the Graveyard. I couldn’t really tell you more details since I had to wait in the car. You should look at the pictures! See photos here

Then, we headed for the beach. I didn’t really know what to expect but it turned out to be my favorite experience of the trip so far - can you tell from my smile? Running on the sand and chasing the surf was great fun – I even got to be off leash. I have to say, it even seemed that all the humans had a great time, walking, running and picking up pretty rocks (I don’t get that). When we finally headed back to the Jeep, I was exhausted and sore – but it was well worth it.

Next, we headed to the Loleta Cheese Factory. Lunch for the lucky ones was at the Loleta Bakery. We dogs just hung out at the cars reliving our beach adventure.
It was then back to camp. Mom & Dad caught up on laundry and did some grocery shopping. It was nap time for me.

That evening, we the dogs stayed in the RV’s while everyone else went off to the Boardwalk in Old Town Eureka and then had casual dinner at Café Marina on Woodley Island. All-in-all, everyone agreed it was a great day. It was really THE BEST for me!!! Tomorrow we are traveling north – where I am sure I will get to have more new smells and adventures...maybe even meet some new friends.

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