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Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26, 2010 It’s One of Those Days!


Guest Blogger - Rick

Some days you just need to kick back and do nothing. Today was one of those days. We woke up to a crisp beautiful morning. I went for a short run; JoAnne caught up on some blogging, and Hal and Lois relaxed and caught up on some reading.

OK…can’t sit all day and by 2:00pm we were ready to tour the Lemolo Lake in the nifty pontoon boat we had rented. Capitan Hal toured the lake and we just all “kicked back” (including Sandy) and enjoyed the cruise! One of the many highlights of the day was watching an Osprey catch a fish. SEE PHOTOS

Perfect weather, perfect setting…we had a rough day! NOT

June 25, 2010 Falling Waters…and Battling Mosquitoes


Guest Blogger - Rick

Wow! What a beautiful morning we woke up to - a bright blue sky and a gentle breeze coming off of Diamond Lake. After a leisurely morning we headed off to explore some of the amazing waterfalls in the area. First up was Toketee Falls. A picture of this falls is on the cover of one of the promotional brochures. From the tail head, it was a short half mile hike to the falls. The hike itself was wonderful but the falls were spectacular - actually, not only the falls themselves but the setting. Like so much of the beauty we have seen on this trip the pictures will not do the setting justice.

Watson Falls was our second destination. It was another beautiful hike to a falls that drops over 240 feet. Again, it is impossible to capture the beauty with words or pictures. Both of these falls would be on my top 10 list and if you have a chance to travel to this area I would highly recommend taking the time to visit these and perhaps some of the other falls in the area.
After the hike back from Watson Falls we enjoyed a picnic lunch by the Watson River. It doesn't get any better than this.

On our way back to Diamond Lake we decided to take a detour to see Lemolo Lake and happened upon Lemolo Lake Resort - really a fishing camp in the summer and a snowmobile lodge in the winter. But it also had a small RV park which we couldn't resist - So, back to Diamond Lake to get the RVs and set up camp on Lemolo Lake. We had a relaxing dinner and then an evening of cards.

(A side note: Sandy was allowed on the Toketee Falls Trail and she had a great time hiking with us. But sadly she paid a price - one section was very steep and had a long climb of stairs which took a toll on her hips. It was clear that she was in pain. We all babied her rest of the day and evening and gave her an additional pain pill. She did wake up during the night having breathing trouble. She seems much better today (Saturday) but she needs to stay quiet and get her rest). RM

PS: Oh…and did I mention the ongoing fight with the blood thirsty mosquitoes?

June 24, 2010 A New Day


What a wonderful place! Beauty, tranquility, and peaceful! After yesterday and then trying to find a place to camp luckily we “did an excellent job” – and waking up this morning…blissful…except for the SWARMS and I do mean SWARMS of mosquitoes which apparently nest in the snow around here and when the snow melts they begin to hatch and go to town on people since they are soooooooo hungry for blood after their hibernation! After “Deeting up” spraying anything and everything a mosquito could possibly get in through - and getting used to them (well maybe) it turned into a magnificent day!

Rita and Jack made the decision to take a different route on their adventure. We were sad when they let us know this morning, but we all had a wonderful journey together - Lots of laughs and fun memories.

The highlight of our day was most definitely Crater Lake National Park. The drive up to the lake was remarkable – SNOW – and lots of it! The intensity of the blue waters was absolutely stunning…and the mirrored reflections of the crystal clear blue sky and white billowing clouds…you should SEE THE PHOTOS because it was as if you were looking at a mirror! The most amazing thing about this place is how it was created. The Mount Mazama volcano erupted about 7, 700 years ago and collapsed into itself leaving a five mile wide crater that is 1, 900+ feet deep – it is the deepest lake in the United States and is filled with only rain water, and snow melt.

Back at camp it was a fabulous steak dinner and then a fun game of cards! JM

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 23, 2010 Wednesday I’m Glad This Day is Finished!!!

Whew! Photos Here

What an exhausting day of driving. Not much sightseeing only a quick stop at the Abacela Winery outside of Roseburg, Oregon. We had a sip (yes just a sip) of their delicious specialty wine – then “wheels rolling” and back on the road.

We had left Sunset Bay State Park at 9:30am and arrived at Diamond Lake State Park at 5:15pm. There were amazing sites along the way especially along the Umpqua Valley and its clear running river…however…I am not kidding when I say when we arrived at Diamond Lake we were all tired and a tad cranky. LOL

BUT…thankfully pizza and beer perked us up in no time! JM

June 22, 2010 Tuesday Discovery!


What beauty we found in the middle of the forests and beaches - Once the grand estate of pioneer timber baron Louis Simpson, Shore Acres Botanical Gardens. It features lushly planted gardens with plants and flowers from all over the world. Something is in bloom almost every day of the year.

Rick, Lois and I walked around these beautiful gardens. Rick and Lois decided to hike back to camp along the ocean front trail back to our camp site. Hal had taken a pass on this adventure and went for a massage, and Rita and Jack drove up north about 80 miles to see a cave and sea lions. I opted to go back to camp and do some blogging. Being without Internet connections can make uploading on a daily basis frustrating!

After a fun day, we sat around a much needed warm campfire and called it a day! JM
Photos Here

June 21, 2010 Monday It Takes Your Breath Away!


The California and Oregon Coastlines honestly do “take your breath away!” Every turn in the road, each pass you travel over, and with each bend in the road you see stunning beaches, deep blue green waters, extreme forests, and magnificent sea and wildlife.

We’ve arrived at Sunset Bay State Park in Oregon - One of three State Parks along the Cape Arago Highway. The bay was named by Thomas Hirst, an early settler in Coos Bay. It was used by fishing boats and other shallow draft vessels as a harbor for protection against violent ocean storms.

One of the fun things we did today was to go where the sea lions draw together at Arago Point. They bark like dogs! The sound of hundreds of sea lions “barking” was just mind-blowing! They are gathered out in the ocean so no close up shots of the sea lions this time. See Photos Here

I hope the photos will capture the beauty, or perhaps you’ll get the “feel” of this extraordinary area of our United States. JM

Sunday June 20, 2010 Beach, Beach, Beach


Guest Blogger -Rick

Today was filled with lots of adventure but the highlight was the amazing beaches we visited. After breaking camp our first stop was a beach just up the road a few miles to where the Klamath River meets the Pacific. Once again the dogs and humans had a great time walking, running, snapping photos and playing in the sand and surf. Our day continued with a drive along the coast and then into Patrick Point State Park where we set up a picnic lunch and saw Roosevelt Elk. This is subspecies of the elk we have in Colorado - Who knew?

We then headed to Crescent City and St. George Point. Again, a great drive along the coast which ended at very rugged and windswept point and beach. Upon reaching the beach after a short hike through some bluffs JoAnne exclaimed, "Look a sea lion"! And sure enough there was a large sea lion up on the beach. It didn't move as we approached. Hal through a stick at it…Still no movement. Why? - It was dead; apparently the victim of an Orca. It was still pretty exciting (doesn't take much to entertain us)!

Dinner was at a Marina Chart House which had a "seal pier" (live) and then back to camp. RM
Photos Here

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 19, 2010 Sensory Overload!


I don’t even know what to say about today…so I am going to let the pictures (Photos Here) say it all about our trip along the Pacific Ocean Coast, and the Redwood National and State Parks. What you won’t see are the Gray whales we saw since they were out of photo reach. Just astonishing! JM

June 16 -18, 2010 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Twists and Turns and Catching Up


Guest Blogger Sandy - (1st Blog)

Sandy here – my guardians have been having lots of human fun and have neglected to keep up with their blog posts the past couple of days. So, I thought I would help them and let you know what has been going on. This is my first blog.

Wednesday - I assumed my bench seat, stretched out, lay down and off we went from Lassen Volcanic National Park. Almost immediately we were on a very steep mountain road filled with lots of curves. I dug in my position…a slow uphill climb. Mom and Dad kept saying the scenery was spectacular – oh and they said things like…the wild flowers – WOW!

Our first stop was just past Redding at Whiskeytown Lake in Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area, CA. Whew, I was so happy since I needed a “pee” break, as did my friends Bear and Gizmo. Next, it was on to Trinity Lake also in the same National Recreation Area. The road was filled with more twists and turns – had to dig in to my position again - but before I knew it we were at Ackerman Campground, our stop for the night. I was glad as I needed to get a drink of water and stretch, and looked forward to all the new scents. Everyone except Mom and I decided to drive up to Trinity Center and explore the area along Trinity Lake. The group returned from what I guess was a pretty harrowing two hour drive. Thanks Mom for making a good call! It was great just hanging out in the campground and enjoying the cool breezes and all the new smells. It was an early night, which was just fine with me.

Thursday morning the plan was to drive to Eureka. Mom noticed that one of the tires looked low and upon checking the pressure, Dad confirmed that we had a flat tire – he was not a happy camper! Fortunately, the camp host had an air compressor and he filled the tire with the hope we could make it 29 miles to Weaverville, CA where we could get the tire patched. Not much I could do, so I jumped back up on the bench and closed my eyes. In Weaverville we found Trinity Tire. After checking the tire, we were advised that it could not be repaired. It was also clear that some of the other tires had been stressed and were showing wear. Mom & Dad made the decision to get all new tires. Bear and Gizmo headed to Eureka while I stayed behind waiting for the repairs to be made. Actually, it gave me a chance to catch up on my sleep. Mom & Dad pulled out their computers and caught up on email. By 4:30pm we were ready to roll to join our friends in Eureka! You have got to be kidding…just when I thought roads could not get any curvier…we were on a 100-mile journey of steep climbs, sharp descents and sharp turns. Yes, they kept saying how beautiful it was - but give me a break! We made it to Eureka around 7:00pm and boy was I hungry. Mom fed me, took me for a walk and it was time for bed. What a stressful day!!!

Friday was one of the best days yet. I got to see the Pacific Ocean and run on the beach – but I am getting ahead of myself. After a leisurely morning, Uncle Hal and Aunty Lois got in their Jeep - Dad helped me into the back. Gizz and Bear followed behind with their parents, Jack and Rita. We headed for the Victorian town of Ferndale. Mom & Dad said it was a cool little town filled with lots of interesting little shops and amazing Victorian Homes. But the real highlight (according to Mom) was the Graveyard. I couldn’t really tell you more details since I had to wait in the car. You should look at the pictures! See photos here

Then, we headed for the beach. I didn’t really know what to expect but it turned out to be my favorite experience of the trip so far - can you tell from my smile? Running on the sand and chasing the surf was great fun – I even got to be off leash. I have to say, it even seemed that all the humans had a great time, walking, running and picking up pretty rocks (I don’t get that). When we finally headed back to the Jeep, I was exhausted and sore – but it was well worth it.

Next, we headed to the Loleta Cheese Factory. Lunch for the lucky ones was at the Loleta Bakery. We dogs just hung out at the cars reliving our beach adventure.
It was then back to camp. Mom & Dad caught up on laundry and did some grocery shopping. It was nap time for me.

That evening, we the dogs stayed in the RV’s while everyone else went off to the Boardwalk in Old Town Eureka and then had casual dinner at CafĂ© Marina on Woodley Island. All-in-all, everyone agreed it was a great day. It was really THE BEST for me!!! Tomorrow we are traveling north – where I am sure I will get to have more new smells and adventures...maybe even meet some new friends.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday June 15, 2010 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Today began with yet another yummy breakfast prepared by Chez Jacque – aka Jack. During our breakfast chit chat, Jack came up with the quote of the day, however none of us can remember what it was in reference to… still it was classic…”I won’t do anything manually that can be done with pushing a button.” Now why we thought it was so profound…don’t have a clue. I guess when you’re camping it doesn’t really matter. LOL

Now on a personal note – you will notice in some of the photos I am wearing a black cap with a sparkly letter “G” on it. Wearing it with love and pride since it was a Mother’s Day gift from my five year old grandson David. BTW…the “G” is for Granny!

The morning is clear, sunny, and a tad crisp – but yet absolutely wonderful! We walked 2 miles around Manzanita Lake. Whew! How peaceful, stunning, and picturesque –evidenced by the photos and video. The afternoon was spent by taking a ride to Shingletown, and just relaxing.

Evening’s spaghetti and salad dinner was scrumptious! Another ride to Devastation Point, a view of the brilliant Manzanita Lake sunset, impressive campfire, and star filled sky! JM
Photos Here

This is also our first video blog:

Monday June 14, 2010 Escape from Reno


As you will see from the photos, it was a momentous day! The FedEx truck arrived with the contact lenses for Lois! Happy Campers all around!

Our destination for the day was Lassen Volcanic National Park, which was only a 150 mile gorgeous drive. Arriving, we were overwhelmed with the beauty of this place. Stopping at the visitor center and after watching the park video we set up camp.
Our group dinner was once again just as if we were eating at a gourmet restaurant - Appetizers, drinks, pork, rice, veggies, applesauce and dessert.

While we were eating dinner an unknown male camper walked over close to where we were sitting. We all turned and looked at him, not at all sure what he was doing. I guess all of our collected quizzical stares prompted him to say which is now the quote of the day – “I’m waiting for my wife, she is taking a number two.” Well…there was a short silent pause from the dinner group, and then an outburst of such laughter the unknown male camper made a hasty retreat.

Later in the evening, while Lois, Hal, Rita and Jack were enjoying the warmth of one of Hal’s infamous campfires, Rick and I decided to go for a drive to Devastation Point. The forest and volcano views were honestly breathtaking. Now after having said that – to me – the most breathtaking was the view of the bear crossing in front of our car. As we scrambled to get the camera turned on, the bear stopped and looked at us, and then headed into the woods. Rick was able to get the bear from a distance – but did get the photo!!

Driving back to our campsite, we stopped at Manzanita Lake and had inadvertently timed it perfect to enjoy an awesome view of a spectacular sunset! JM

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday June 13, 2010 Seriously!


Guest Blogger: Jack (1st Blog)

The day started with everyone sleeping in...except me who left early to play golf at the Wild Creek Country Club. It was a very picturesque golf course in the hills overlooking Reno Valley…and the way…I shot an 84!

While I was playing golf – some of the ladies did the laundry in preparation for our stay in the National Park tomorrow - without any services.

Then we all got in cars and went to the RV lot to shop for Rick and JoAnne, and their new diesel Class A. Unfortunately they did not find the exact match so we will continue looking on the rest of the trip.

We then went to the Legends Outlet Mall and shopped for awhile. Now that we are all exhausted, we all are snacking and drinking adult beverages.

Looking forward to FedEx showing up by 10:00am tomorrow, at which time we will leave for the Lassen Volcanic National Park in California.

Signing out!

Saturday June 12, 2010 Surprises!


Guest Blogger Lois (1st Blog)

Here we are in Reno and are going to be staying one more day because I forgot to pack my contact lenses. Laura Russell was kind enough to send them to me via FedEx. They should arrive Monday am.

We started the day with a lovely buffet breakfast. Packed up the dogs and humans and headed down the road to Virginia City, NV – the site of the Comstock Silver Strike. When we arrived we discovered there was going to be a pet parade and having the nicest pets west of the Mississippi…we signed them up. It was a very cute parade; turtles, cats and dogs all dressed in all types of regalia. If we had only known…we would have packed cuter clothes for our dogs.

From there we went to Carson City to check out the capitol of NV with its silver dome. Then we proceeded to shoot over to Lake Tahoe and rode around the northeast quadrant. Beautiful, beautiful lake!

Headed back home to Reno, fixed a little din din and now I am doing my 1st blog.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday June 11, 2010

Staying at the RV Park at Grand Sierra Resort…and I say “resort” loosely, as the marketers promote it as such – in our eyes…not so much!

Then again, this has given us the opportunity to have some down time from being on the road, and catch up on grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and ok…maybe some gambling. After all – we are in a casino parking lot. As always we are having a good time!

We have been given wonderful travel mercies, and many times we too have enjoyed the quiet and seclusion of beautiful camping areas…it is with heavy hearts and compassion we lift up prayers for the sleeping campers that were along that rugged, secluded stretch of the Little Missouri River in southwest Arkansas who lost their lives by a flash flood. JM

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday June 10, 2010 Reno or Bust!


Guest Blogger: Rita (My 1st blog)

We got up this morning and were surprised how cold it was at our cute little resort.

Beginning today’s journey, we stopped a mile and a half down the road to visit historic cemeteries. The group really enjoyed it – except I could not because I was looking for my camera – but from the outside it looked great and old! :-)

Venturing down Highway 50, our second stop was Sand Mountain which is a large sand dune. JoAnne and Rick went a little further to see the Pony Express station.

Our next stop was the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. Our 24 mile trek around the “tour loop” of the sanctuary…on a dirt road…took us two hours! It was beautiful and we saw two birds, and a deer. LOL

Then we drove to Reno – it’s a big city not like the “old Reno.” We pulled into the RV parking lot at the Grand Sierra Resort.

After a long day of travel we sat around and ate and drank.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday June 9, 2010 The Loneliest Highway in America


Guest Photographer & Blogger: Rick

An adventure back in time along The Loneliest Highway in America.

Our journey along Hwy 50 was a visit to the Old West frozen in time. While the scenery was picturesque, it was the history along what traces the Pony Express rout of 1861 that was fascinating. Our little caravan stopped in Eureka, a town with a silver and lead mining history. This town really does seem frozen in time. The Opera House and County Court House have been fully restored and now exist as they did in 1880. Pictures here. Actually, the history along Highway 50 goes back much further than the silver boom times of the region. One of our stops was the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area - Pictures here. Our day ended in Austin (yep, named after the town in Texas).

The consensus of the group was that Nevada is much more than Las Vegas. Highway 50 travels through some amazing scenery and we went over half a dozen passes and crossed an equal number a spectacular valleys.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday June 8, 2010 Above & Below Ground


Today’s blog is being written by Hal due to the fact that your regular blogger was incapacitated by some bad wine…(quantity not quality). In the morning, Lois, JoAnne, Rita, and Euell Gibbons (aka Rick) had a quick breakfast of pine nuts and yogurt then proceeded to take a tour of the Lehman caves.

While Jack and Hal had dog sitting duties (Sandy, Gizmo and Bear) they proceeded to skip the pine nuts and instead chose OJ, Coffee, crisp bacon and over easy eggs, all cooked outside on the grill………”.it don’t get no better den dat” then they proceeded to have the audacity to look at the map and plan a suggested route, that would be followed ONLY after receiving approval of the tour director aka Lois.

The afternoon was spent enjoying a picnic at the top of Wheeler Mountain at approximately 13,600 ft, followed by a hike by some of the more ambitious souls in the group.

The evening was spent grilling a great dinner followed by sitting around the camp fire killing a box of wine, giving Rick Texas Holdem lessons and telling lies.

Monday June 7, 2010 Shady Acres to Great Basin NP


Whew a long, long slow day of travel! We left Shady Acres at 7:30 am and made a stop at the most interesting and beautiful site. It was called Outlaw Country right outside of Green River, UT. Factoid::In this area Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch eluded the lawmen that pursued them in the late 1800’s. In 1850 Chief Wakara escaped these badlands with 1,400 stolen horses.

You more than likely will be able to relate – you are cruising along and BAM!!! You are stuck driving behind an RV going up a hill and think you’ll lose your mind…yep…today we were the three RV’s driving you crazy!

Special Recognition goes to Miss Lois! She drove her rig! Extremely impressive – passing, going uphill, downhill and wind gusts – she did it!!! Wahoo!!!

So…After climbing, and going downhill, and climbing up some more, we arrived at Great Basin National Park. After a hard day of driving, we camped in the National Park, alongside a rushing river, in a wooded forest, and decided to do two nights of dry camping. JM

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday June 6, 2010::RV Adventure June-July 2010


Wahoo! Lois & Hal Leslie, Rita & Jack Hay, along with JoAnne & Rick Morgan left Anthem Ranch at 8:10am and caravanned on I 70, made a stop for gasoline, and a few potty breaks for Gizmo, Bear, and Sandy arriving at Shady Acres RV Park & Campground in Green River, Utah at 4:15 pm – where it was a sweltering 99-102 depending on what part of the “shady acres” you were standing. Time for an adult beverage! JM