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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glacier National Park…and more!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Rick & I made the decision not to take Sandy to Glacier National Park, and not feeling right about leaving her in the RV all day, we had checked out some kennels on Monday, finding the Lost Creek Kennel in Kalispell - A beautiful, caring, and neat as a new pin kennel for her to stay. After dropping her off at 8:00AM we headed towards the park.
Arriving at West Glacier, we had a light breakfast, and drove on to Going-to-the Sun Road (Factoid: the road is a National Civil Engineering and National Historic Landmark). Along the way there were so many exceptional picturesque vistas which gave us spectacular photo opportunities. In 2010 Glacier National Park will celebrate their 100th anniversary, and currently there is an 8-year, 14 million dollar construction project under way in the park so it led to some minor delays.
About 11:30AM, we arrived at the Rising Sun boat dock where we were met up with some of our Anthem friends, (Jane & Ty Fouchey, Janis Lievens and Doug Snyder, and Judi & Ken Besse), for a St. Mary’s Lake cruise. Our friends are there to ride the Going-to the-Sun Road on their bikes, along with their Denver Bicycle Club on Wednesday.
We had fun on the cruise and it was a magnificent way to see the park. Half way through the cruise we docked, and walked up to see Virginia Falls. After the cruise we went to lunch in St. Mary’s and started our trip back. Some of the views seemed even more spectacular due to the lighting and time if day…AND…as we were rounding a curve in the road…a black bear ran across the road!!! Of course we stopped and Rick ran out to take some phenomenal photos of the bear playing in the water, eating some huckleberry’s, and hanging around the lakes coastline until it decided to wander back into the forest.

Continuing on, we stopped at the Apgar Visitor Center, (which is on the foot of McDonald Lake), had some coffee, and then were back on the road to pickup Sandy. We ended our fun day sitting around camp, and talking about the adventures of the day along the shore of the Flathead River.

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