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Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday - Sunday - Monday, October 4 - 6, 2008


Saturday and Sunday
Rain on the Plain...and We're Going Home

For a part of the country, which is “basically desert”, it sure can rain! The first "winter" storm brought a constant and at times hard rain for two days. Higher up in the mountains snow fell.

We had toured Mesa Verde and took these "rainy day" opportunities to catch up on reading, play Gin (JoAnne is the acknowledged all time Champion), and Rick started a watercolor of Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde. Oh, and of course we listened to the Bronco game we were able to pick up on a KOA affiliate FM station.

It was also fun watching the many deer that wondered through our campsite, and slept right outside our window. All in All - we had a very relaxing and enjoyable two days.

Tomorrow we will head home with an overnight stop in Alamosa.

Today's photos

Colorado – Indeed Our Home!

Today we got an early start and headed home. What do we see going over Wolf Creek Pass – yep, snow, and beautiful mountains, and what fantastic color. We are indeed coming home!
Parting Shots

Wow! Was it really almost 6 weeks ago that we started our adventure and were camped by Steamboat Lake?

There are so many great memories to savor. We continue to relive all the amazing sites, incredible fall colors, and rich cultural history that have been a part of this trek. In addition to the six National Parks we visited, we have also enjoyed the many State Parks, National Monuments, and National Recreation Areas that became stops along the way.

While it is always good to come home, both JoAnne and I agreed that we could have continued our trip. As beautiful, as the sights in Wyoming and Utah have been our travel today from Mesa Verde to Alamosa over Wolf Creek pass confirmed that Colorado does not take a back seat to anyone when it comes to spectacular scenery.

For those who have followed along on our Blog - we hope you enjoyed "traveling" with us - Until next time, JoAnne & Rick

Today's photos

Slide show of entire trip


  1. Sounds like both of you had a great time. We'll see you soon.

  2. Better watch out. You will be "full timing" before you know it!