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Before we cover today’s events we need to mention a couple of items. When we were in Zion, we commented several times on the incredible Southern Utah night skies. Bryce, in fact, known for its phenomenal stargazing was amazing last night. The skies were spectacular! It is estimated that less than half the residents of the Northern Hemisphere can see the Milky Way. In Bryce’s naturally dark sky and high dry altitude not only is the Milky Way easy to see – so are 7,500 stars with the unaided eye. By contrast, in a small town it might be possible to see 2,500 stars. In Denver – forget it.

We walked around the small loop in our campground and counted the rental RVs that are almost exclusively rented by foreigners. We know because when we say hello we hear the French, German, Japanese, British, and Australian accents. The amount of foreign tourists has also been a topic of conversation. We first noticed the number of RV rentals in Yellowstone. In Zion, we estimated that 50 -60 % of the tourists were foreign. In Bryce, it is probably 60 -75%. One wonders how our parks would be surviving with out the foreign support – Clearly, Americans are not traveling.

OK – Today. We started out at the Visitor’s Center and enjoyed the short introductory video. Then on to Rainbow Point and slowly worked our way back stopping at Agua Canyon, Natural Bridge, Fairview Point, Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunset Point, and Sunrise Point. Hoodoos, Hoodoos, and more Hoodoos – they are the fantastic shapes left by erosion. It was mid-afternoon by the time we hiked out to Sunrise Point and then treated to a lightning storm over the distant mesas.

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